Vibroacoustic engineering
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1. Noise emission control

Noise and vibration source identification to control vibroacoustic emission, with the objective of designing quieter products.

Data analysis to calculate the contribution of each noise or vibration source to the overall noise or vibration level, respectively.

To achieve these objectives, AV Ingenieros has a wide range of hand-held measurement equipment as well as the more advanced analysis techniques: multichannel data acquisition equipments, FEM analysis, modal analysis or SEA analysis, among others.

2. Industrial N&V

Identification of noise sources potentially annoying for the employees as well as vibration sources that could cause machinery malfunction.

Countermeasures´ design to minimize vibroacoustic affectation: bedplate design, vibration isolation systems design, acoustic barriers and/or enclosures design, and others.

Industrial facilities acoustic maps to characterize its environmental affectation, either interior noise, to assess the employees´ exposure to noise as well as exterior noise to assess the population exposure to noise levels. Design of noise abatement solutions and future noise levels prediction.

Industrial Noise and Vibration Industrial Noise and Vibration Industrial Noise and Vibration Industrial Noise and Vibration Industrial Noise and Vibration

3. Test

AV Ingenieros develops different tests related to industrial sector:

  • Modal analysis.
  • Structures dynamic behaviour characterization.
  • Numerical models correlation.
  • Defects´ identification in rotating machinery using vibration analysis.
  • Bedplates and vibration insulation systems effectiveness assessment, for the subsequent redesign if needed.
  • Sound power tests, from household appliances to industrial machinery and vehicles.
  • Measurements to calculate workers´ sound and vibration exposure.
  • Abatement solutions effectiveness verification.
  • Transfer Function tests and analysis.
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