Vibroacoustic engineering
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1. Transit N&V impact assessment

AV Ingenieros deals with both the vibration impact as well as the acoustic impact of transit infrastructures on its surrounding environment: roads, railways and airport infrastructures.

Noise impact studies

Infrastructure characterization and calculation of its noise impact on the surrounding environment. Noise impact assessment for existing infrastructures is carried out using experimental measurements and noise impact assessment for new projected infrastructures is calculated using prediction software.

Countermeasures design and evaluation of its effectiveness in terms of affected population reduction. Calculation of the affected population by different noise levels and design of action plans to reduce the exposure of this population.

Vibration impact studies due to railway

Due to the lack of a standard vibration prediction model, AV Ingenieros has developed its own methodology, based on models from technical literature, to carry out vibration impact studies for the new railway systems.

When considering existing railway systems, vibration impact studies are developed using a methodology which combines in situ experimental measured data with analytical models.

AV Ingenieros gives advice about the optimal countermeasure design to be implemented in order to reduce the vibration impact. Its effectiveness is also calculated. During these tasks, AV Ingenieros is always trying to involve suppliers together with clients.


2. Test

AV Ingenieros offers different kind of experimental test:

  • Test for noise certification of trains: track-side pass-by noise (ISO 3095: 2006. Measurements of noise emitted by railbound vehicles) as well as interior comfort (ISO 3381: 2007. Measurement of noise inside railbound vehicles). Evaluation of rail roughness to determine the suitability of the track as a rail for acoustic tests, according to ISO 3095: 2006 and ISO 3381: 2007.
  • Wheel and rail roughness contribution to noise and vibration emission.
  • Sound insulation measurements of the main train elements (walls, ground and others).
  • Ground-borne vibration propagation assessment due to railway systems and its transmission to nearby buildings.
  • Tests for superstructure characterization.
  • Countermeasures effectiveness verification.
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